Special Town Meeting on March 13

Next week, North Reading will have a Special Town Meeting to vote on current issues of interest to our town. The issues include allowing recreational marijuana establishments within the town, funding an upgrade to the facilities at the High School field (Arthur J. Kenney field), and amending zoning laws to allow condominiums on the Berry property along Route 62.

Please attend this meeting as there must be 150 voters participating to achieve a quorum. And remember, Town Meetings are the legislative branch of our North Reading town government. Represent yourself!

The Special Town Meeting is next Monday, March 13 at 7 pm at North Reading High School. If you were registered to vote as of March 3, you may vote in this Town Meeting.

Get prepared:

  1. Add this meeting to your calendar and get directions
  2. Find out how our Town Meetings work
  3. Learn about the articles under consideration at this Town Meeting