Candidate for Community Planning Commission: William Bellavance Jr.


My name is William Bellavance Jr and I’m seeking reelection for the Community Planning Commission (CPC). I grew up in North Reading (Class of 98) and started a family here with my wife of 13 years and two kids. I’m a Chief Engineer for the company I work for, in which I maintain properties along with working on some development projects. I’m licensed in HVAC, have my Masters Sheet Metal license, and also have my Excavation license. I have attended many Citizen Planner Training Collaborative classes over the last 4 years from Roles and Responsibilities of a planner, Chapter 40B Handbook and a number of other classes to ensure I’m up to date on the topic of Planning. I also serve on a few other boards in town, I am an associate member of the Zoning Board of Appeals and I’m a voting member of the Economic Development Committee.

Candidate Statement

A little over 4 years ago I had told my wife I would like to do more for the community. Shortly after that there was an ad in the Transcript looking for applicants to join the CPC. I quickly applied and 4 years later here I am seeking reelection. The reason for joining the planning board is I have seen the town change over the years and would like to be a part of that change. I will continue to serve the town in my fullest capacity if reelected.

Contact Info