Candidate for Selectman: Jeffrey Yull


I am Jeff Yull. I have lived in North Reading since 1995 with my wife Irene and two children. From day one I have been involved within the community helping to build upon the improvements made by those before me. First it was getting to know the good people of North Reading, then sports, then education, and now politics. I switched from receiving what the community offered to giving back.
• 22 year North Reading resident
• Coached Youth Soccer & Basketball.
• “YES for Schools” Parents donated $325 each for books to meet educational reading requirements.
• An original founder of NRUE (North Reading United for Education).
• Middle School Council as parent representative.
• Middle School Parents Association for 3 years
• Raised funds for the school system, including personal donations
• Board of Selectman-two terms, budget ratio for education increased from a 60%-40%, to a 66%-34%.
• 13 BOS sub-committee’s
• Advocated for safe sidewalks
• Successfully opposed the Kinder Morgan pipeline
• Worked with State Senator Bruce Tarr, State Rep Brad Jones, and US Congressman Seth Moulton on behalf of North Reading residents
• Protected property rights and values
• We are one community, not four fragmented Precincts.

Candidate Statement

Running for the office of selectman is not something one does, because others want them too. Before my first term as selectman I was asked by many to run. I was interested, but I would not be so presumptuous to think I would know all that is necessary to be effective. I had to be certain I would have the time to represent all in the community, not just those within in my circle. To prepare myself I attended every Board of Selectman’s meeting for a year. If fact I was the only one who didn’t miss a meeting that year. I was smart enough to realize there was significant information missing, due to executive sessions I could not attend. If elected, a learning curve still existed. So, I listened intently. I developed a greater appreciation and respect for the time put in by the, then, members of the Board.
When elected, I was well-aware of the issues, the opinions of Board members, had an appreciation of the tasks at hand, but still there was much to grasp. There were union contracts to negotiate, agreements to be understood, budgets to balance, and a strategic plan to pursue. I was a consensus candidate. I believe that no matter how good of an idea I had someone can add another perspective that would help me think outside my box. To do this one must have great respect for the role another selectman plays in coming to a solution. Each selectman is voted in and carry with them the voters who supported them. Once in, however, a selectman represents “everyone” in North Reading. That is not easy, you must make decisions that are not popular with those who elected you. This is the most difficult task put upon an elected official. I have often voted against myself, because it was in the best interest of North Reading. The issue of the bathrooms is a perfect example. Without going into details in this writing I believe there is a more cost effective solution. My suggestion was not against, but for the bathrooms. To interpret otherwise is a misunderstanding.
Issues will be discussed as we move further into the campaign process, but I wanted to share with those who only know me through the mouths of others my approach to being a selectman. Respectfully…Jeff Yull

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