Running for local office in North Reading

Want to get involved with local government but not sure how? There are both appointed and elected positions. Today’s post covers running for elected office at the local level in North Reading. For each of the official requirements, a link is provided to the relevant governmental website.

DISCLAIMER: The North Reading Town Clerk, Town Hall and Town Government are not affiliated with NRVotes in any way. The final, exhaustive requirements and deadlines for everything related to running for office should be taken from the official governmental websites linked below, not this NRVotes site. However, NRVotes hopes the following information can assist candidates and voters by providing many details and links in one place.

  1. Check that you meet the requirements:
    • Must be at least 18 years of age
    • Must be a registered voter of the Town
  2. Check out the positions open for this year’s town election:
  3. Learn about the responsibilities of your position of interest
    • Click on the position above to read more about it, its members, and its meeting schedule
    • Attend that position’s public meetings
    • Contact current or past people who have held that position and see if they’ll do an ‘informational interview’ with you
  4. Prepare the nomination papers and submit by March 14 to get on the ballot:
    • Obtain the papers from the Town Clerk’s Office (available now)
    • Get at least 50 signatures (PLEASE get many more than 50, as illegible, duplicate, or out-of-town signatures will not count). See MA’s general candidates guide for info about legitimate signatures and other helpful info
    • Turn in to the Town Clerk’s Office by 5:00 pm on Tuesday, March 14, 2017
  5. Learn about and conduct your campaign funding legally:
  6. Campaign tips (all optional):
    • Look for an email from on March 20, 2017 and fill out your candidate information by April 2, 2017 to be featured on the online Voters’ Guide (not affiliated with our Town Hall or government in any way)
    • Participate in North Reading Community Connection‘s online Candidate Q&A. Join their facebook group and will be in contact with all candidates starting March 20  to arrange your Q&A sessions (held between April 17 and 30)
    • Review past elections to learn about voter patterns in North Reading

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