North Reading Votes was launched in May of 2016. We are all about getting informed people of North Reading out to the polls for town, state, and federal elections!

Our goals are:
1. Increase the percentage of registered voters who participate in our elections
2. Ensure our voters are well informed about the issues and candidates for each election

This website itself does not endorse any particular candidates or issue positions, but it will provide information about endorsements made by established groups, administer questionnaires to candidates, and link to other relevant information (news articles, Q&A sessions, debate nights) to help voters make informed decisions at the polls. NRVotes strives to provide equal opportunity, notification, and coverage of every candidate at the town level for our town elections “Voters’ Guide” service.

Note: this site is not an official town site and is unaffiliated with the town government and any town committees. We link to the relevant town webpage whenever possible, but believe this site provides a unique service by organizing information differently and minimizing the number of clicks required for people to navigate to the information they want. Every effort is made to keep this site up to date and accurate, but please let us know if you find any outdated/missing information or have problems using the site.