Voter Guide for 2017 Town Election

Voter Guide (PDF)


Name Voter Guide Link Contact Info Q&A Transcripts
School Committee – 3 year position – 2 candidates running for 1 position 
Scott T. Buckley Bio & Statement Facebook Page
Sun. Apr 23, 3 – 4 pm
Wed. Apr 26, 7 – 8 pm
Laina A. Simone Bio & Statement Facebook Page
Tues. Apr 25, 7 – 8 pm
Tues. Apr 25, 8 – 9 pm
Selectman – 3 year position – 2 candidates running for 1 position 
Andrew J. Schultz Bio & Statement Facebook Page
Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 9.20.15 PM
Sun. Apr 23, 8 – 9 pm
Thurs. Apr 27, 7 – 8 pm
Jeffrey R. Yull Bio & Statement Facebook Page
jyull@northreadingma.govScreen Shot 2017-04-01 at 8.40.00 PM
Wed. Apr 26, 10 – 11 am
Thurs. Apr 27, 8 – 9 pm
Housing Authority – 5 year position – 1 candidates running for 1 position 
Michele A. Mawn * * *
Community Planning Commission – 3 year position – 1 candidates running for 1 position 
Christopher B. Hayden * * *
Moderator – 1 year position – 1 candidates running for 1 position 
John J. Murphy * * *

* No info provided to North Reading Votes by this candidate

Sample ballot for the election

Ballot Question

North Reading has been interested in banning recreational marijuana establishments throughout the Town. Due to how recently recreational marijuana was legalized in Massachusetts, the Town Counsel recommended that such a ban be enacted both via an article on the special Town Meeting warrant and as a question on the ballot for the Town Election. At the special Town Meeting on March 13, the article was passed. The ballot question listed below seeks to establish the same ban, on recreational marijuana establishments within the Town.

The question officially reads:

“Shall the Town prohibit the operation of all types of marijuana establishments as defined in G.L. C.94G, Section 1, including marijuana cultivators, marijuana testing facilities, marijuana product manufacturers, marijuana retailers or any other type of licensed marijuana related businesses within the Town of North Reading?”

However, the section of law that is referenced may be in the process of being amended due to the passage of Prop 4 in the November 2016 election (the text of G.L. C.94G Section 1 available online as of April 1, 2017 does not specifically reference marijuana [though 94C  does] and there are bills moving through the State House to edit the text of G.L. 94G to incorporate marijuana regulations as required by the passage of Prop 4).  Therefore, the ballot question itself may be slightly unclear, but it is meant to prohibit all recreational marijuana establishments, and only recreational marijuana establishments (not medical).

NRVotes’ attempt to capture the spirit of the question follows (edits in red):

“Shall the Town prohibit the operation of all types of recreational marijuana establishments as defined in [relevant place within the updated General Laws], including marijuana cultivators, marijuana testing facilities, marijuana product manufacturers, marijuana retailers or any other type of licensed marijuana related businesses within the Town of North Reading?”

For further context, here is an image of the relevant article on the Town Meeting warrant:

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 10.22.04 PM