Annual Town Meeting: June 6, 2016


As recently as October 2016, the recap of the June 6, 2016 Town Meeting is still not available online.


Who: any registered voter may participate, others may observe

What: an annual meeting where registered voters of the town can vote on the budget and other town business. The annual meeting is considered to be the legislative body of the Town.

Where: High School / Middle School Performing Arts Center

When: June 6th at 7 pm


Citizen petitions are due March 21, 2016.

To participate in the Town Meeting as a registered voter, you must be registered to vote by May 17, 2016.


The agenda of the meeting is included in the Town Meeting Warrant, which will be released a couple weeks prior to the meeting (info will be posted here as well). In the meantime, past warrants are also available so you can see what they look like.

In general the Town Meeting covers the following (quoted verbatim from the town website where more information about town meetings is available):

Town Meeting considers and adopts an annual operating budget (appropriating money for the salaries and expenses of running the Town, known as the “omnibus” article).  It also considers and acts on other matters which require Town Meeting action, such as additions or amendments to the general or zoning by-laws, street acceptances, articles sponsored by other departments and annual “housekeeping” articles, as well as Citizens’ Petitions (articles requested by registered voters through the petition process).