What if I just moved here?

We recommend looking through our Directory to connect with groups that interest you, and also searching for other “North Reading” groups on facebook. Additionally, check out the town newspaper or stop by Town Hall to get oriented, and sign up for the Town Hall email list.

How do I register to vote?

You can register online, by mail, or in person.

How do I update my address on my voter registration?

Who can vote using an absentee ballot?

How do I vote via absentee ballot?

What precinct am I in?

North Reading has 4 precincts. Use your computer’s find function (ctrl-F or cmd-F) to search for your street name in this list. The number to the right of your street is your precinct.

What district am I in?

How can I get notified of upcoming elections and town events?

Sign up for the Town Hall email list. Also, follow our blog or our facebook page for updates about elections and election-related deadlines.

How can I find out more about the candidates and issues on upcoming ballots?

How do I check the results of a previous election?

What is the voter turnout level for North Reading elections?

Who is in our town government?

How can I observe or get involved with town government?

Watch town committee meetings online or attend them in person.

Who are our state and federal representatives?

Where can I get more information on the town’s finances?

Where can I find out more about current events and issues in the town?

Why does this site exist?