Candidate for Community Planning Commission: Ryan Carroll


My wife and I moved to North Reading 11 years ago. I am a Senior Construction Project Manager for a Boston Real Estate firm with over 10 years experience in development and construction. I graduated from College of the Holy Cross with a degree in Economics.

Candidate Statement

A lifelong resident of Reading before moving to North Reading in 2007, my wife and I have made North Reading our home. We’re raising our four daughters in North Reading and I would like to play an active part in keeping North Reading the small, vibrant, suburban community that drew us here 11 years ago. From a planning perspective, it’s important that today’s decisions are carefully considered for both short and long term impact and precedent. North Reading is a unique community with a perfect balance of suburban life and small town feel. I want to be a part of keeping the North Reading we love by responsibly managing the natural evolution and (re)development that every town goes through.

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