Candidate Statement Info

All candidates for North Reading Town Elections are invited and encouraged to participate in our online Voters Guide. The requirements for the Guide are listed below and can be submitted here any time before April 8, 2018. NRVotes recommends preparing your biography and statement in a word processing program, especially one that has a Word Count tool. When ready, paste the biography and statement into the submission form. If you have any trouble, contact NRVotes (include your phone number in the message for faster response).

  1. Biography (Word limit: 200 words)
    Include information such as your elected experience, other professional experience, education, and community service.
  2. Statement (Word limit: 400 words)
    Make a statement about your candidacy, possibly including your reason for running and your goals or vision.

Once NRVotes receives your statement, a candidate page will be prepared for you. A preview of the page will be emailed to you for inspection before it is published to the the website.

Note: NRVotes does not publicize endorsements or names of other community members in its guide, except for family members who can be listed in the biography section if desired.

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