Candidate for Selectmember: Kathryn Manupelli


My name is Kathryn Manupelli. I have served on the Board of Selectmen since May of 2015, and served as Vice Chair since May of 2017. My husband and I have lived here since 2002, and our four children attend and receive an outstanding education in the North Reading public schools. I am originally from Malden, the fifth of eleven children. I attended Malden public schools, Girl’s Catholic High School, Merrimack College, and Massachusetts School of Law. I have been an attorney in private practice and for the City of Malden, since 1996. I bring my experience as a mother, homeowner, business owner, attorney, and a municipal employee to the table, and am privileged to serve this community.

Candidate Statement

Thank you to everyone who helped me secure a place on the ballot on May 8th. I am seeking reelection to continue working with my colleagues on the Board, and on our other Boards and Commissions, to achieve our Strategic Plan objectives. I have supported zoning changes with a mind toward commercial growth aligned with the Strategic Plan. The Martin’s Landing development is underway, and will provide housing options for residents age 55 and over who wish to downsize and remain in the community. We are reviewing a number of economic development strategies designed to attract and grow our commercial base which would ultimately mean more revenue for the Town. We are in the midst of deciding who the Town should partner with as our long term permanent water solution and potential sewer solution. Every vote I take weighs and balances progress and smart growth for our community with preserving our character, identity and quality of life. So many in our community volunteer in many different capacities to make this community a better place to live, and I share this goal as a volunteer on the Board. We also have an incredible workforce of Town employees dedicated to serving our needs. I remain committed to finding revenue sources to expand services and ensure our public servants are adequately compensated for the services they provide. I ask for your vote in the May 8th election. You can connect with me at and at KM_Phone2.

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