2017 Town Election Results

Congratulations to our newest members of Town Government, Andrew Schultz (Selectman) and Scott Buckley (School Committee)! Our Town also voted to prohibit recreational marijuana establishments within its borders.

Although turnout was only 15.1%, we had a modest improvement of 25% over the turnout last year (12.1%). More remarkable was the decisiveness of the voters at the polls. Only 2.3% of ballot entries were left blank for the Board of Selectmen race, and only 4.5% of ballot entries for School Committee were left blank. Last year, the fraction of contested ballot entries left blank ranged from 11% (Board of Selectmen) to 17.5% (School Committee) and was especially noteworthy because the blank entries outnumbered the point margin across all candidates, for both races.

We have all played a role in raising the number of voters who have an opinion about candidates in contested races and who are therefore willing to vote for a candidate rather than leave the ballot blank. Thanks to the candidates for providing many opportunities for voters to learn about them, and thanks to voters for educating themselves about the candidates.

Vote Tallies

Selectmen race: Schultz – 1160, Yull – 462
School Committee race: Buckley – 846, Simone – 739
Marijuana Prohibition Q: Yes – 1102, No – 504

Our uncontested candidates have all been re-elected:
John Murphy (Moderator) – 1243
Christopher Hayden (Community Planning) – 1194
Michele Mawn (Housing Authority) – 1197

For more details, check out the results on our Town Government site.


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