Online Candidate Q&As start this weekend

Thanks to our Town Election Candidates for participating in a televised debate last night at Town Hall! The candidates will be online over the next few days to answer further questions from voters. To participate or observe, join the North Reading Community Connection facebook group by clicking here.

The time slots for each candidate are posted below. At the start of the time slot, the candidate will post an introductory post in the NRCC facebook group. We encourage residents to submit their questions as comments on that post, making it easier for the candidate to find and answer the questions. Look for a “reply” comment underneath your question, where the candidate will respond to your specific question.

Candidate Q&A Schedule:

Sun. Apr 23, 3-4 pm – Scott T. Buckley – SC
Sun. Apr 23, 8-9 pm – Andrew J. Schultz – BOS
Tues. Apr 25, 7-9 pm – Laina A. Simone – SC
Wed. Apr 26, 10-11 am – Jeffrey R. Yull – BOS
Wed. Apr 26, 7-8 pm – Scott T. Buckley – SC
Thurs. Apr 27, 7-8 pm – Andrew J. Schultz – BOS
Thurs. Apr 27, 8-9 pm -Jeffrey R. Yull – BOS

For more information about the candidates, check out our Voter Guide.


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